Upcoming IP changes to api, api2 and api5
Incident Report for Yubico
During March 2019, the DNS records for api.yubico.com, api2.yubico.com and api5.yubico.com
will point to new addresses. Details can be found below.

api3.yubico.com and api4.yubico.com addresses will remain the same.

[2019-03-12 09:00:00 UTC] api.yubico.com

Current IPv4:
Current IPv6: 2001:4801:7824:103:be76:4eff:fe10:77c6

New IPv4:
New IPv6: 2001:4801:7827:102:be76:4eff:fe10:6cd3
[2019-03-19 09:00:00 UTC] api5.yubico.com

Current IPv4:
Current IPv6: 2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fe98:2109

New IPv4:
New IPv6: 2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fe82:071b
[2019-03-26 09:00:00 UTC] api2.yubico.com

Current IPv4:
Current IPv6: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe37:74ec

New IPv4:
New IPv6: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe82:0768
Posted Mar 07, 2019 - 16:30 UTC