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[2016-07-19 08:00:00 UTC] Upcoming changes to


On 19th July 2016 at around 08:00 (am) UTC the DNS record for will be updated to point to a new host.

The machine will be moved from Digital Ocean (New York City) to Vultr (New Jersey).

Software updates will also be applied, in particular, upgrading to latest stable releases in terms of both the application and the underlying operating system.

While you should not hardcode any of our IPs in your application or firewall, please do note the new addresses below.

Current IPv4:

Current IPv6: 2604:a880:800:10::166:8001

New IPv4:

New IPv6: 2001:19f0:5:107:5400:ff:fe2c:a50b

If you must firewall your outgoing connections, you might be able to use DNS hostnames in your ruleset.

iptables and pf support this, but you must make sure to periodically reload your ruleset, otherwise changes to the DNS zones are not picked up.

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