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Planned api3 server move

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The api3 validation server will be moved from Sweden to Japan. No service interruption is anticipated, both the old and the new machine will be available during the transition period. This will be done by changing the IP addresses for “” in DNS. We recommend you to always rely on DNS for current IP addresses, however in case you have manually configured IP information the new address information follows below.

The planned change in DNS will happen on May 21th at 11:00 UTC. We’ll update this post with more information if/when needed.

The current IPv4 address is and the current IPv6 address is 2a02:750:5::143. The new IPv4 address will be and the new IPv6 address will be 2400:8900::f03c:91ff:feae:f595.

Update: The server was moved successfully without any service interruption. We’ll continue to monitor the old server for incoming traffic for a couple of days.

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